Q. How do I "CLAIM" my NobleHour account so that I can start logging hours?

A. You can claim your account here.

Q. How do I claim my NobleHour account if I have a different @gwu.edu email (ex. @law.gwu.edu)?

A. Try this link one more time and just enter your NetID - not your whole @law.gwu.edu email address. If that doesn't work, email us and we'll get you in the system.

Q. What should I do about "cross-tracking" or "transferring hours"?

A. Please enter your hours under both organizations.
For example: Jane Smith went on an Alternative Winter Break to Nicaragua, but she is also a member of Civic House. Jane will enter 100 hours through the "Alternative Breaks Hours" opportunity, and then another 100 hours through the "Civic House" opportunity, BUT Jane must ensure that the hours/dates she enters overlap exactly. The 100 hours for Alt Breaks must be from Jan 1st - Jan 14th, AND the 100 hours for Civic House must be from Jan 1st - Jan 14th.

Q. What is the date range for eligible service hours for this year's awards?

A. The date range for eligible service hours for this year’s awards are April 21, 2016 thru April 21, 2017

Q. How can I submit my service hours outside of NobleHour (individual and group)?

A. Click here to access and download the University's official tracking & logging template document for service hours.  Logging hours for a group? Click here. Complete and submit to gwserves@gwu.edu before the April 21, 2017 deadline!

Please email gwserves@gwu.edu with any other questions!