The Virtual Nashman Center

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Please visit GW’s COVID-19 Resource Page for information about changes to university services or visit DC's Coronavirus Resource Page for updates and information for the DC Community.



A Grand Sharing of Resources

Check out the Nashman Faculty Update blog for service learning and community engaged scholarship resources and tips on how to support your community parnters during this time. 



Afternoon Tea with Nashman Center Staff

Every Friday at 3 pm we will have open office hours with Nashman Staff. These are specifically unstructured and designed to be an informal check-in with students to answer questions, chat about your courses, etc. Up to 3 staff members will host each session. Sign up on GWServes.


Special Nashman Live: As Sweet as Honey (Instagram Live)

Every Wednesday at 2 pm we will host an Instagram Live session with Nashman Staff. These are somewhat structured and allow students to ask questions and engage with the staff members. There will be one staff member and one student hosting each live session. There is no need to register in advance to attend, just log on and view these sessions on our Instagram


Dialogues & Development

We invite you to stay connected and engaged and join the Nashman Center for our virtual Dialogues and Development series! Dialogues and Development will consist of twice-weekly workshops on various topics including civic engagement, advocacy, leadership, diversity, equity, and other related topics. We focus on the overarching theme of inclusive excellence.  Sign up on GWServes.

*Nashman Center Student Staff Paid Opportunity*


Nashman Storytelling: Remote Reflections

Storytelling helps us engage with others, share ideas and impact, and find common ground through personal experiences. The Nashman Center is seeking more student community engagement stories and we want to hear yours! Interested students can submit a blog and/or a video telling their service and community engagement stories. Please see the links below for more detailed information about each. Submit a video or submit a blog.

*Nashman Center Student Staff Paid Opportunity*


Center for Excellence and Public Leadership: Co-VITA19 Social Medicine: Mobilizing Community Wellbeing through Leadership Conversations

Join CEPL's team of leadership faculty and coaches as they host a series of virtual community meet-ups, focused on building resilience, improving wellbeing, and supporting each other through this difficult time. Find more information about each meet-up session and speaker here and invite others to join us! These sessions are free and available to the public. 



Nashman Center Programs

  • GW Votes - The outbreak of COVID-19 across the United States has forced states to make changes to their primary election schedule. Luckily, voting by mail and other alternatives will make sure you can still cast your ballot with ease. Click here to see what changes may have happened in your state. The General election will still take place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. Need to register or request an absentee ballot? You can do so here.
  • GWupstart - The final 2019-2020 Public Service Grant Commission deadline has been moved to April 10th, 2020. CGI-U is hosting video chat conversations to help students navigate the unforeseen challenges they are facing personally, academically, and organizationally.

Student Staff

Please note that our Federal Work-Study students will be compensated for their historical work hours through the end of the Federal Work Study Program (May 2, 2020), regardless of attendance or work performed. We will manually enter time based on historical hours worked.


Readings, Podcasts, Videos, and More

Coronavirus Invites All-Hands-On Deck Citizenship by Harry Boyte and Dennis Ross 

“All hands on deck citizenship points to the need for all citizens, all institutions, and all communities to take responsibility to act civically, as they want to see their leaders act. This involves the ongoing civic disciplines of public work, following through on what each of us believes to be in the best interest of a nation we seek to make better, more civil, more respectful and more productive.” 

When Fear Of The Coronavirus Turns Into Racism And Xenophobia NPR's Codeswitch 

As international health agencies warn that COVID-19 could become a pandemic, fears over the new coronavirus' spread have activated old, racist suspicions toward Asians and Asian Americans. It's part of a longer history in the United States, in which xenophobia has often been camouflaged as a concern for public health and hygiene.

What the Coronavirus Looks Like in Prison by The Marshall Project. 

“Editor’s note: Last week, the Washington State Department of Corrections announced that a prison employee tested positive for COVID-19. Two men who are incarcerated in different parts of that facility separately wrote to The Marshall Project to provide their accounts of what has happened since.”