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Learning through service and research that makes a difference

Academic service-learning at GW is a great way to earn credits while making a difference. There are over 70 courses taught each year for undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies students with group projects, community service placements, research, and other assignments that benefit community members. 

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What is a service-learning course?

A service-learning course combines teaching and community involvement within an academic setting. A service-learning course provides an opportunity for students, faculty members, and community partners to engage in organized service activities that address community-identified needs. The experience allows participants a chance to reflect on the service activity to gain a further understanding of curricular content, as well as enhance their sense of personal values and civic responsibility.

Who benefits from service-learning?

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The Nashman Center offers a variety of resources and support for connecting real-world community needs with your academic expertise, research interests, and passion for helping stud