Eco-Equity Challenge


Congrats to the 2018-2019 Eco-equity challenge grant recipients. Name: Jonathan Kvilhaug, Project: Fresh Air DC. Name: Rachel Yakobashvili, Project: DC Green Coalition




The Office of Sustainability and the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service provide support for GW students in their social entrepreneurial efforts to address environmental and social justice issues in Washington, DC. With support from Challenge staff and in collaboration with a local partner organization, GW students are invited to propose a project that enhances the local community. The project must have both environmental and social impact in an underserved or low-income neighborhood.

Winning students or teams will be awarded between $500 and $5,000 for their projects. Students are required to work with a GW faculty or staff mentor as a resource and are not prohibited from receiving other funding for their projects

GW undergraduate and graduate student are eligible to apply. Projects may be an individual or team submissions; teams can include up to 5 students. Applicants must be enrolled for the next full academic year. Budget and timeline templates can be found here.


Deadline: November 8, 2022




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