Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses

A Nashman Community-Engaged Scholarship Course is a collaboration between faculty and student scholars and community members in mutually beneficial partnerships to address issues of the common good. Community engagement makes student learning more relevant and challenges students to use their knowledge and skills to address real and complex community concerns. These courses facilitate learning of academic course objectives as well as invite reflection on students' sense of purpose and civic responsibility. Nashman Center courses help students to become active citizens of a diverse democracy who see themselves as creative contributing members of their communities. 

Support for Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses

The Nashman Center supports faculty through workshops, guides and an online platform to communicate with community partners and track students' service.

For Students in Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses

The Nashman Center provides liability waivers, service time-sheets and tips for serving safely. 

Courses at GW

Some of the best examples of community-engaged scholarship courses are happening right here at GW.

Course Designation

Faculty who currently teach courses involving community-engaged scholarship are encouraged to submit their syllabi to have the course designated as a Nashman Community-Engaged Course.