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It Takes a Village: Long Time Residents Welcome New Students | Presented by Foggy Bottom West End Village

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST

Join a panel of GWU students and residents of the Foggy Bottom West End Village discussing life in today's world and what the neighborhood was like years ago. These seniors have wisdom to share. Students unaware of what life was like, even a few decades ago, have the opportunity to ask questions of village residents and share with them what their life is in today's world.  A Q & A will follow the panel discussion. Register Here


Food Insecurity During COVID-19 | Presented by Dr. Tara Scully, Assistant Professor, GW Department of Biology

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST

With the United States classified as still having major challenges to achieving SDG 2: Zero Hunger, we are now facing a new uncertainty. The onset of the pandemic intensified inequities related to access to food and to health food. We will explore the food equity issues that have arisen during Covid and explore the solutions put in place in different jurisdictions. Lastly, we will see how moving school online has affected these issues for students in low income areas/homes and what teachers can do to help. Register Here


Emergency Preparedness Training   | Presented by DC CERT

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST 

"Disasters Don't Wait. Make Your Plan Today." While we cannot stop natural disasters from occurring, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to mitigate disasters' impact through preparedness. There are many ways to get involved, especially before an emergency or a disaster occurs. Join the discussion with DC CERT on:  Make A Plan: Know how to prepare for disasters that include how you will communicate with family and friends during emergencies, reviewing insurance papers, and much more.  Build A Kit: You'll need items to survive during a disaster that includes supplies you may need at home and a go kit of things you may need if you must evacuate quickly to a safer location.  Prepare for Disasters: Find out the best way to limit the impacts a disaster may have, like having the right insurance coverage or what you can do to your home to make it stronger and more resilient. Training: Sign up for the Community Emergency Response Team Training.  Get involved: Sign up for volunteer opportunities in your community.  For more information, contact [email protected]. Register Here


A Wider Circle: Who are We | Presented by A Wider Circle

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST 

Poverty, Community Service, & Creating Change: Join Rachael Buck, Director of Outreach & Volunteer Programming at A Wider Circle, for a discussion on poverty in our region, the work of a nonprofit working to address this crisis, and how you can create change locally and nationally. Register Here


Volunteering for Veterans | Presented by Armed Forces Retirement Home 

Saturday 9/12, 1:30pm EST 

The distinguished military veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. make up a unique population of senior citizens, many of whom have served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. The Armed Forces Retirement Home has been home to thousands of former enlisted, warrant officers, and limited duty officers who have served around the world in all five branches of the United States Armed Forces. Together, their stories are testament to the sacrifices of service members everywhere. 

With the average age being 82 to 85 years old, many of our residents are home-bound and seldom venture beyond the campus grounds.  We rely a great deal on community support to fulfill our promise to our Veterans, so although our grounds are currently closed to the public, we encourage you to join us for an orientation session which will discuss the home’s history, the retired Veterans who live here, and our future volunteer opportunities. This orientation will cover a majority of the requirements to join us regularly at the AFRH.  Register Here


Jumpstart and The Opportunity Gap   | Presented by GW Jumpstart

Saturday 9/12, 2:00pm EST 

Learn about Jumpstart, an Americorps program that works to close the educational opportunity gap by providing literacy and social emotional lessons to preschool students in under-resourced schools across the country. We will discuss how the opportunity gap is present across the country and in DC, how Jumpstart effectively works to combat these issues, and other ways you can help create educational equity. Register Here


Friendship Place Speakers’ Bureau | Presented by the Friendship Place

Saturday 9/12, 2:00pm EST 

Hear from two to three members of Friendship Place's Speakers' Bureau! The mission of our Speakers’ Bureau is to attach a human face to the word “homeless.” Most people know that word, but not what the word truly means. Most people equate homelessness with what they see on a city street, not knowing that they will never see most of the people who are experiencing homelessness, or know the reasons behind their homelessness. As speakers, we are able to inform and teach people about the realities of being “homeless.” By telling our stories, we can show that people who are experiencing homelessness come from all walks of life. Speakers will focus on the reality of homelessness in DC as well as the timely issue of COVID-19 related housing instability. Register Here


The Store and Food Insecurity at GW | Presented by The GW Store

Saturday 9/12, 11:00am EST

Join The Store for this year's virtual Welcome Day of Service from 11:00am to 12:00pm! We will be discussing food and resource insecurity on GW's campus, how we work to address this scarcity, and opportunities for you to be involved in the future. Among the speakers will be members of The Store's executive board, the faculty/staff advisor, and the graduate coordinator. We will also invite GW faculty who have conducted research on food insecurity to share their research and insights. Register Here


Constant Conversation: The Makings of a Servant Leader |  Presented by the GW Alpha Phi Omega

Saturday 9/12, 12:00pm EST 

Serving one's community is one way for people to maintain active citizenship in their community. This workshop will tackle complicated conversations, such as: what it means to enter a community respectfully, the consequences of 'bad service' such as voluntourism and performative activism, and what it means to make service sustainable in our communities. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing in mind, we will also be discussing what this all means in the context of virtual service. Come join us for an open and honest discussion of what it means to be a diligent servant leader in our communities Register Here


The Role of a Multicultural Student Services Center | Presented by the GW Multicultural Student Services Center

Saturday 9/12, 12:00pm EST

Multicultural Centers across the nation all share a unique and fairly common story: all formed for a specific set of reasons, in response to a challenging and historic period in our nation's history. Despite our shared story, the role, contributions, and programming of these critical campus community centers vary from university to university. Join the Director and Staff of the GW Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) for a refreshing tale about the office, its functions, operations, programs, challenges, and campus impact. We will compare and contrast a few of the different types of cultural centers as well. Register Here


Unconscious Bias: When Good People Contradict Our Own Values | Presented by the GW Multicultural Student Services Center

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST

Description: What is Unconscious Bias and how does it impact our decision making even without us realizing it?  How does Unconscious Bias contribute to bias incidents, even when we have the best of intentions to serve others?  What can we do to become aware of our Unconscious Bias and take steps to prevent it from supporting words and actions that are not in line with our personal and professional values?  Please join us for an outcomes-oriented and interactive training that will help all of us understand and fight Unconscious Bias.  All are welcome!
Learning Objectives:
*Participants will be able to explain what is meant by Unconscious Bias.
*Participants will be able to describe how Unconscious Bias is measured via the Implicit Association Test.
*Participants will be able to differentiate between Unconscious Bias and Conscious Bias.
*Participants will be able to describe at least three promising practices for fighting Unconscious Bias.
Key Terminology: Unconscious Bias, Implicit Bias, Implicit Association Test, Social Categorization
Duration: 90 minutes
Format: WebEx/Zoom facilitated discussion, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Break-out sessions, with Q&A throughout via WebEx/Zoom chat. Register Here


GW GroW Garden: Urban Farming and Food Justice   | Presented by GW GroW Garden

Saturday 9/12, 3:00pm EST 

An educational workshop about urban farming and food justice. We will explore how the community farm model is fundamental in the fight against food insecurity, the work of GW's student-run GroW Community Garden and the impact of COVID-19 on feeding our neighbors. Register Here


Peace Circles and Letter Writing with Little Friends for Peace | Presented by Little Friends for Peace

Saturday 9/12, 3:00pm EST 

In this workshop you will learn about Little Friends for Peace (LFFP) and how they serve the community. You will also learn about and participate in a wellness practice commonly used at LFFP called Peace Circles and Wellness Wheel. At the end you will write encouraging notes to some of the people served by LFFP including men and women experiencing homelessness and incarcerated individuals. Register Here


Face Hunger Simulation | Presented by the Capital Area Food Bank

Saturday 9/12, 4:00pm EST

What’s it like to walk in the shoes of someone experiencing hunger? Our Face Hunger™ Workshop offers a glimpse into the daily realities and impossible choices of someone confronting food insecurity during COVID-19. During this interactive simulation, you’ll assume a new identity and work to overcome obstacles to providing food for you and your family. Moving and eye-opening, this session is a good choice for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of hunger in the United States, and in our region, specifically. Register Here

**CLOSED** Thriving in the Face of Change: Ensuring a Sustainable Future through Advocacy | Presented by the Casey Trees **CLOSED**

Friday 9/11, 2:00pm EST  **Please note: This event is on Friday, September 11th**

In 2017 GW reaffirmed its commitment to environmental protection, sustainability and fighting climate change by joining the We Are Still In coalition. The same year, the D.C. government, also a coalition member, published their Climate Ready D.C. and Resilient D.C. action plans, which outline the steps the District government will take to grow an inclusive, sustainable and climate ready city.  Together we can all play a part -  Join the GW Sustainability Office and Casey Trees as we discuss how to advocate for environmental protection in D.C. and what we can do to help fight climate change on an individual, community and city-wide level while growing a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future. Register Here


**CLOSED** Managing Service as a GW Student | Presented by GW DREAMS **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 2:00pm EST 

This workshop will provide tips around managing and participating in service while being a student. Together we will discuss where to find service opportunities on and off campus, good practices for choosing service opportunities, keeping track of your service hours, and more. Register Here


**CLOSED** Active Citizenship | Presented by GW Alternative Breaks **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 1:15pm EST

What does it mean to be an active citizen? Does it mean to vote? To protest? To run for office? Or does it mean to participate in activism in another way? Now more than ever active citizenship is necessary for our mutual success in the pursuit of justice. But there are so many debates regarding what active citizenship looks like. This workshop will explore the different stages of active citizenship and what an active citizen looks like. Note: citizenship in this workshop does not refer to legal status, but rather someone’s community. One does not need to be a legally recognized citizen to be an active citizen. Register Here


**CLOSED** Sustainable Spirit: Meditations for the Long Haul | Presented by KPC Buddhist Temple **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 6:00pm EST 

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice meditations from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that will help them to avoid burnout while staying present, grounded and inspired on the long road to social justice. Both relaxing and healing, these meditations can be practiced by anyone, regardless of religious tradition.

As a teacher in the Palyul tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Atira Zeoli is passionate about connecting people to the therapeutic, spiritual and creative tools that help them befriend their own minds and the world around them. She teaches regularly on how to develop wisdom and compassion through meditation and mind-training at KPC Buddhist Temple in Poolesville, MD. Register Here


**CLOSED** Project Homeless Youth Affirmation Blitz | Presented by Sasha Bruce Youthwork **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 1:00pm EST

Where do you shelter in place during COVID if you are homeless? This is a difficult question that the more than 1,200 homeless youth living in Washington, DC have had to answer during this pandemic. But thanks to Sasha Bruce Youthwork, they have been receiving the care and support they need to stay safe.  In this project, you will learn about how youth homelessness looks like and how Sasha Bruce is responding to their needs. Participants will also have an opportunity to participate in operation #AffirmationBlitz -- a coordinated effort to provide notes, videos, drawings, or social media posts to motivate homeless youth living through this pandemic at Sasha Bruce residences.  Skills Needed: A desire to give-back. Register Here


**CLOSED** Navigating Student Leadership at GW |  Presented by the GW Student Association **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 12:00pm EST 

For the last four years, GWU students have ranked among the "Most Politically Active Students" in the nation. On a campus filled with student leaders, it can be intimidating to find your role within the community. The good news is GW has over 400 student organizations that cover a myriad of fields such as politics, volunteering, and dancing. Join the Student Association and SA President Howard Brookins III in a conversation about navigating virtual student life, getting involved in the community, and becoming a student leader. Register Here


**CLOSED** Volunteerism vs. Voluntourism | Presented by GW Alternative Breaks **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 12:00pm EST

Many of us have participated in or been on service trips that seek to improve a community that is outside of our own. We bring resources, knowledge, and experiences that are distinct to those in the community of service. The question is, is this kind of service productive? Does it allow communities to construct their own sustainable solutions to problems that they have the capacity to solve on their own? Or does it provide a flimsy infrastructure that collapses after the service trip ends? This workshop will explore the important distinctions between volunteerism and voluntourism and how to ensure that the service you partake in does minimal harm and leaves a positive lasting impact.  Register Here


**CLOSED** Virtual Conversation With Washington DC Seniors | Presented by the Department of Aging and Community Living **CLOSED**

Saturday 9/12, 10:00am EST 

Washington DC seniors will share about their experiences living in the District through a virtual conversation with students.  Washington, DC is a diverse city with seniors from various backgrounds and experiences. Seniors in the Nation's Capitol take pride in their city. Come participate in a virtual conversation with district seniors that represent different communities in the city. The seniors will share the history of their community and their experiences of living in Washington DC. Students will be able to ask questions and engage with senior residents in the District.

The Department of Aging and Community Living (DACL) serves District residents 60 and older, adults living with disabilities, and those who care for them. In partnership with more than 20 community-based organizations across the city, we offer more than 40 free or low-cost programs to help all District residents live boldly at any age, stage, or ability. Through a variety of programs including community activities and events, nutrition and transportation services, healthcare and insurance counseling, caregiver support resources, and adult protective services, we are building a District where we can all thrive together in the communities we know and love. Register Here


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