Meet Our Team

Professional Staff





AmeriCorps VISTAs


Candice Smith, Community Partnerships VISTA Leader, Nashman Center


billy headshot

Billy Kennedy, Digital Capacity and Communication VISTA, Turning The Page

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Abigail Nickerson

Abigail Nickerson, Digital Capacity and Communication VISTA, Turning The Page

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Lauren Briscoe

Lauren Briscoe, School-Community Liaison, Malcolm X Elementary School

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Natasha Hogan

Natasha Hogan, School-Community Liaison, Payne Elementary School


Joe DiConsiglio

Joe DiConsiglio, Student Community Service Liaison, DCPS School Counseling Program


Alayna Hutchinson

Alayna Hutchinson, School Partnerships Fellow, DCPS Connected Schools Team




Student Staff


Anna Janetos, Graduate Assistant, Rethinking DC Youth & Policing Project    

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