DCPS Clearance Instructions

Pre-Service Background Checks for DC Public Schools


Thank you for your service with the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service and DC Public Schools (DCPS).

DCPS policy dictates that all current and prospective DCPS volunteers must complete a criminal background check and fingerprinting before providing services to any DCPS student, school, or office. This clearance is valid for two years, and is used by many youth development nonprofit organizations as well as the schools themselves.

As volunteers and participants through George Washington University and the Nashman Center, you represent GW at all times and are expected to abide by the GW student code of conduct in addition to any further expectations laid out by the Nashman Center and your community partner.

General questions about the DCPS Clearance Process may be directed to HR Answers at [email protected] or (202) 442-4090. For Nashman Center specific questions please reach to your program coordinator or [email protected].

Brief Overview of Required Steps

Step 1: Complete the DCPS Clearance Form here: https://dcps.dc.gov/node/1007812

Step 2: Fingerprinting through FieldPrint

Step 3: Send confirmation of FieldPrint background check clearance to DCPS and to any relevant supervisors

  • This process can take 2-3 weeks to be completed.
  • On October 1, DCPS will return to facilitating this process in person rather than through FieldPrint. These instructions will be updated accordingly.

Detailed Instructions for the DCPS Clearance Process

Step 1: Complete the DCPS Clearance Application here: https://dcps.dc.gov/node/1007812

  • Under Application Type, select ‘volunteer’
  • Under type of volunteer service, select your type of service your program is providing (almost all programs will be ‘before or after school’ support; some may be ‘classroom support’).
  • Under ‘Organization Name’ look for your nonprofit you are serving with. If you do not find them, select “Other.”
  • Under ‘School/Department Name,’ if you are working with a nonprofit partner and not a specific school, select ‘After School Program.’ If you are serving with a specific school location during school hours, select your school. Do the same for ‘School 1.’ (And if you have multiple schools you serve with, put them all).
  • Under “Point of Contact” consult the director of your GW service program (GWTeach, engageDC, etc.). In some cases, the GW service program coordinator will be the point of contact. In other cases, you should indicate the local community organization contact person who can confirm your service placement there.
  • The form also includes the following:
    • Child Protection Register Screening
      • Note: this appears in very small print and may be hard to find. To submit a CPR Application, first click here. Then, upload your completed application and ID here. Once the application form is submitted, no further action is required. This step is required to complete the DCPS clearance process.
    • Sex Offender Register Screening (Child Abuse, Sexual Misconduct)
    • Tuberculosis (TB) Test Assessment (questions on this form will determine if you need a TB test)

Step 2: Fingerprinting through FieldPrint

DCPS Clearance should contact you within 1-3 days with their receipt of your application and will provide you a link and paycode to use to make your FieldPrint appointment. Fingerprinting is free to you (DCPS pays for this).

You must set up your own FieldPrint appointment, meant out of convenience and respect for your time. You will be sent a link to submit your FieldPrint application and appointment, which will allow you to select the nearest FieldPrint location.

  • FieldPrint has thousands of locations across the United States, including dozens in the DC region, and is able to offer efficient fingerprinting services while meeting all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) safety guidelines. These locations may be your local USPS service building, or UPS service buildings.
  • FieldPrint uses a centralized criminal background check database, so the location you select will not impact how your criminal history check is administered.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your appointment by email from FieldPrint customer services.
  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment on time and bring two forms of identification with you. At least one form must be a government issued ID.
  • This process is brief. After providing indication of your FieldPrint appointment with the location member, they will walk you through the process.

Step 3: Send confirmation of FieldPrint background check clearance to DCPS and to any relevant supervisors (e.g. Nashman Center or community partner organization site supervisor)

Once the background check is complete, a clearance letter will be sent to the email address you indicated on your FieldPrint application. Please forward this message to [email protected].

Please confirm the results of your FieldPrint application with your Nashman Center supervisor (if applicable), and the DCPS Clearance team. Your paperwork will be put on file and is active for exactly two years after its official authorization.

If you need a TB Test

  • FieldPrint and DCPS accept local testing centers and clinics for TB test results:
  • TB test results from your local clinic/testing center are permissible. For example, most CVS Minute Clinics provide TB skin tests.
  • DCPS accepts skin and blood tests taken within the last one year, or chest x-rays taken within the last five years.
  • For those students at GW and on campus, you can also get a TB test in the ColonialHealth Center. For those off campus and need help locating your nearest TB testing clinic, we encourage you to search ‘TB tests near me’ in either your search engine browser, or map application for referral to your nearest clinic.
  • Many clinics accept walk-in TB testing, but we encourage all candidates to call their targeted clinic, prior to their walk-in to ensure the center is still operational. The test is a simple procedure, and takes approximately one minute with a simple follow up two-three days later at the same clinic.
  • Students are responsible for any charges related to their TB test, although most health insurance programs cover a basic TB skin test for little to no cost. For students getting a TB test at the Colonial Health Center, the Nashman Center can provide a TB voucher for eligible students.
    • Please note we will provide vouchers for the standard TB test but NOT blood work or chest x-rays.
    • All students must fill out the TB Test Form PRIOR to coming to the Nashman Center for their voucher.
    • All students can get the Nashman Center TB voucher at the front desk and must bring their GWorld with them.

Step 4: Once all your paperwork is received, it takes 2-3 weeks to process. You will receive a clearance letter from DCPS via emailonce you pass your DCPS clearance, Child Protection Register Screening, TB screening, and FieldPrint fingerprints.

  • Forward ithis clearance letter to your site supervisor and relevant GW supervisor (program manager, professor).
  • Your DCPS clearance is good for two years to the date of your letter.