A Culture of Service

Members of the GW Community including students, faculty and alumni speak on how GW helped shape their experiences in public service.

About Our Center


The Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service aims to integrate civic engagement into George Washington University’s educational work. We focus GW’s resources to meet community needs beyond the campus, promote active citizenship in a diverse democracy, and enhance teaching, learning, and scholarship at GW.

3 Focus Points

Community–Engaged Scholarship

The Nashman Center helps undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and community partners leverage their skills and resources to make a difference in the classroom and community through over 70 service-learning courses each year.

Community Service & Engagement

GW Colonials meet local needs through ongoing service programs, engageDC, DC Reads, and Jumpstart. Alternative Breaks and signature service events such as Freshman Day of Service and Martin Luther King Day of Service get students engaged in national and international service that makes an immediate and powerful impact.

Social Innovation

The Nashman Center helps you turn your passion into real-world action. The Nashman Center defines social innovation as creative approaches to addressing social problems. Approximately $50,000 in funding is available annually through our opportunities in addition to providing mentorship and support to students to turn their ideas into practical action that makes a measurable, sustained difference.


Meet Community Needs

  • Develop strong reciprocal, respectful, active democratic community partnerships
  • Use GW’s expertise and resources to address pressing human needs
  • Use evidence-based strategies
  • Ensure that projects have demonstrable outcomes for the community
  • Focus on several strategic partnerships with multiple programs

Promote Active Citizenship in a Diverse Democracy

  • Engage GW with the District of Columbia and the world
  • Unite people of diverse backgrounds in meaningful relevant common experience
  • Learn the values and skills needed to participate in public decision-making and community life

Enhance Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

  • Promote and support engaged scholarship, including service-learning and community-based research
  • Support scholarship about service and civic engagement
  • Collaborate nationally and internationally to further higher education’s commitment to civic engagement

Annual Reports

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Strategic Plan

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