How to Track Service Hours

The date range for eligible service hours for this year’s awards is from April 21, 2016 thru April 21, 2017

Create Your Account and Log On to NobleHour

  1. Access The GW Community on NobleHour hereIf your starting term is after Summer 2015, select Sign Up to register with your email address.

  2. Otherwise, please claim your account by logging in at with your email and 6-digit birth date (ex. 010195).

  3. Then, you will receive an email to access your account and reset your password.

  4. Select the (+) Add icon to log your hours.


Please refer to these helpful reference materials (downloadable PDFS and Videos) to help you navigate the GW Community on NobleHour.

GW Community on NobleHour - Master "How To Guide" For Students, Staff and Faculty, Organizations

Reference and Walkthrough Videos

1. How to Create an Organization

Creating an organization page allows you to post opportunities and events that are happening at your organization. It is free and easy to use.


2. How to Create an Opportunity

Share an opportunity that can count as service.  Check out our “what counts as service” page to learn more about what is considered an opportunity.


3. How to Track Hours for Opportunities on NobleHour

Tracking hours is easy in NobleHour since you can find opportunities and add hours in the same place.

4. How to Track Hours Without a Listed Opportunity

Even if you did service without an opportunity, it is still possible (and encouraged) to include when tracking your service.