Julian Clement Chase Community Impact Award

The Honey W Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service awards the Julian Clement Chase Prize for Community Impact in the District of Columbia. This award is the leading prize to honor GW students for excellence in community service impact. It illuminates excellence and effective practice in student community engagement and provide exemplars to the DC, GW, and broader community of the impact that students can have when working with members of the community to enhance the quality of life in the DC community. 

The Julian Clement Chase Prize for Community Impact in the District of Columbia differs from other Nashman Center student honors in that it is the only monetary prize that recognizes specific work completed. While Nashman Center student community engagement projects already are strong in achieving positive impact with DC, this example will help to tip the balance further in favor of real-world outcome and completion in student projects.


The Julian Clement Chase Prize for Community Engagement in the District of Columbia will be awarded to one GW undergraduate student (or small team) annually for their work in partnership with community residents and a community organization or public agency to make a positive difference in the life of the city. In awarding the prize, the committee will hold positive ongoing impact in the community as the central criterion. In addition, the committee will look to the document outlining the Intentions of the Founders in creating the Julian Clement Chase Prize in assessing and reviewing applications. 

The prize will be awarded for activity undertaken in the immediately preceding academic year, though the project may have begun before and is likely to be ongoing. The student(s) must have been enrolled at GW in a degree-granting program during at least one semester of the year in which they undertook the project. 

Community Engagement Projects may be undertaken as a part of a course, in the co-curriculum, or outside the curriculum. Projects must demonstrate community voice in clarifying the issues and root causes as well as in designing the initiative. The focus of this award is on the significance of the community impact of the initiative or program. 

How to Apply

Student projects may be self-nominated or nominated by GW faculty, staff, or students or by community members.  

The application for the JCC Prize for Community Impact in DC will be considered a record of the project undertaken and may include a paper, video, powerpoint presentation, or similar. Winning applicants will be asked to share this record with the public through a presentation in the fall following submission. 

An academic product is not required, however evidence of impact in community is required. This may take many forms, but must be compelling. Examples of evidence may include, but aren’t limited to:  the results of a formal quantitative or qualitative assessment or evaluation; testimony gathered from those affected; photos and recordings of the program or project. 




Due Date

Nominations would be requested by or before June 1 for consideration over the summer. 

Award Schedule

Awardee will be asked to present their successful initiative at the Prize Event using the application material as a guide to the presentation, which may take the form of a talk, powerpoint presentation, or may use recorded media. 

Projects or initiatives that take place during academic year 2023 (Sept 22- May 23) will be the first eligible programs. Applications will be due late May 2023 and the first award will be given in Fall 2023. 




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