Masks & Face Coverings

The CDC has recommended wearing face coverings in public settings. And many places have mandated that people wear face masks when outside of their homes. Below we have included video tutorials on how to make your own face mask with materials you already have at home. Here is a link to an article with additional mask patterns and guidance.

If you have time and materials, we encourage you to make extra masks to donate to your neighbors, the elderly and other vulnerable individuals in your community!  Making masks is a great way to be of service and helps make the community safer. Make sure you wash your hands before creating and donating! And remember, masks don't replace the need to maintain distancing, they are an additional precaution.

Making masks counts for service hours that can be logged in GWServes through our Community Response Open Opportunity.

If you are near campus, contact [email protected] to let us know if you have masks to donate to the DC and Foggy Bottom community. If you are living somewhere else, let us know how many masks you donated. Please share pictures of your creations with us through email or by tagging us on Instagram @gwserves.