Public Service Grant Commission

congrats to the 2018-2019 Public Service Grant recipients. Name: Charlotte Norris, Project: College Next Door. Name: Nicholas Cacchione, Project: Layc Cumbre de Jovenes


congrats to the 2018-2019 Public Service Grants Recipients. Name: Roger Isom jr., Project: Voices of Residents. Name: Stephanie Erskine, Project: creative movement with balance


Founded in 2009, the Public Service Grant Commission is the Nashman Center’s social innovation fund supporting GW students’ innovative passions for stimulating change in Washington, DC.

The Public Service Grant Commission encourages and cultivates student-led social innovation by providing institutional support to individuals and organizations to carry out innovative, feasible community service programs and ideas.

Grant awards provide financial backing to the ideas of GW students to deliver solutions through projects and initiatives in partnership with Washington, DC area organizations. They range from $500 – $2500 per individual or group project, per deadline.

The deadlines to apply for the 2021-22 academic year are:

Deadline 1: February 18, 2022
Deadline 2: March 22, 2022




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There are two primary types of projects that are eligible for funding through PSGC, enhancement projects, and innovation projects. When preparing your application to PSGC please keep these two types of projects so that the commissioners who review applications can evaluate your project with the appropriate metrics

  • Enhancement Project: An action-oriented project that proposes an additional service component, which seeks to meet an organization’s mission. Enhancement projects may propose an additional component of service to bolster the organization’s capacity to meet its mission.
    • Example: Providing hot lunches to students involved in a non­profit organization specializing in increasing literacy rates of underserved youth.
  • Innovation Project: A wholly unique focused action-oriented solution that proposes a new approach meeting pressing community needs. May or may not be in partnership with an existing organization.
    • Example: Starting a baseball skills training camp to address issues of childhood obesity, life skills and athletic development for young men in Ward 8 of Washington DC.

Check out this project by one of our 2018-2019 Recipients, Roger Isom Jr.



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