Student Scholarship

2019-2020 Academic Year Projects


PUBH 6299 The Autism Experience: A Public Health Perspective with Dr. Sean Cleary   

In this course a public health perspective of the autism experience is explored through service learning and community participatory research methods engaging autistic young adults, their parents, researchers, clinicians and other service providers. The course covers the science, viewpoints, and experience of autism with a focus on young adults transitioning to adulthood.



SMPA 3247 Documentary Production with Dr. Imani Cheers

These documentaries were created by students to explore an issue impacting the community.

woman applies lipstick

"Hers" - A. Dunham

Tags: transgender identity, transition, gender-confirming surgery, public health

man getting out of car

C. Kaplunov

Tags: drug use, addiction, incarceration, public policy, race





BISC 1008 Understanding Organisms with Dr. Tara Scully

This course combines community-based activities on ecological issues, agricultural problems related to other organisms, and other environmental issues. Teams design, collaborate, and/or implement an activity with a community partner.











HSSJ 1100 Introduction to Human Service and Social Justice with Dr. Emily Morrison

In this course students learn to gather relevant background about the communities they serve in future HSSJ courses. This includes community assets, history, demographic information, local governance and leadership, and challenges. Teams research DC’s Wards and educate their classmates through presentations and reports.