Civic Engagement in the GW School of Business


BADM 4001 is an experiential learning course completed by all GWSB students. The Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service hosts one course section, which provides opportunities for students to work with local nonprofit and public service organizations, leveraging their business skills to contribute to these organizations’ capacity to serve our community and address social change.Students use marketing, project management, data analysis, and other business skills to help community partners build capacity and impact.

To meet the course requirements, students serve approximately 5 hours per week, meeting regularly with other students in the course to discuss issues related to the role of the business sector in contributing to community wellbeing and working for social equity. We discuss business leaders who demonstrate “doing well while doing good.” Students have the option to enroll in this course multiple times, working with the same partner, or exploring a new experience.

Learn more about the community engagement opportunities available for students by clicking the link below.




Abeer Alsadhan, BS in Accounting


Photo of Abeer Alsadhan
Abeer is serving with Community Engagement Consulting (CEC) and The MusicianShip

“My experience with Community Engagement Consulting (CEC) has allowed me to apply the hard skills I’ve learned in GWSB to real-life situations for the overall benefit of the community.”


Abeer Alsadhan is a senior majoring in accounting from Virginia. This fall, Abeer serves as a project assistant with Community Engagement Consulting (CEC) and works with The MusicianShip. In this position, Abeer collaborates with team members and the executive director, gathers applicable information, analyzes data and formulates deliverables to ensure that initiatives have an attainable and lasting impact on the community.




Melvin Lee, BS in International Business

Photo of Melvin Lee
Melvin is serving with Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)

"My time with Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) strengthened my desire to be a leader within underserved communities." 

Melvin Lee is a senior majoring in international business from New Jersey. This fall, Melvin serves as a corporate affairs intern with Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO). In this position, Melvin collects and analyzes AEO’s impact and responsibility achievements, informs plans for reporting to AEO corporate partners, writes and edits report content, and identifies strategic opportunities, risks, and potential partnerships. 





Sasha Raskin, BS in Marketing


Photo of Sasha Raskin
Sasha is serving with ArtReach GW

“ArtReach GW has truly defined my ‘why’ – it’s an honor to help illuminate, support, and showcase the local arts community in a creative way. I feel very humbled to learn from and take part in this process!” 


Sasha Raskin is a senior majoring in marketing and minoring in dance from Maryland. This fall, Sasha serves as a communications intern at ArtReach GW. In this position, Sasha collaborates with community members to create graphic designs, selects images and graphics that communicate the values and aims of ArtReach GW, and implements social media strategies.



Sophie Richman, BA in Accounting


Photo of Sophie Richman
Sophie is serving with GWupstart

“Working with GWupstart has expanded my outlook and taught me the importance of community engagement.”  


Sophie Richman is a senior majoring in accounting from New Jersey. This fall, Sophie serves as an intern with GWupstart, an organization dedicated to the promotion of social innovation and related research. In this position, Sophie researches a social issue and collaborates with a community organization to identify appropriate approaches that will create a solution and provide community members with long-term change.




Evie Shu, BS in Business Administration


Photo of Evie Shu
Evie is serving with Capitol Hill Village

"Community Engaged Scholarship (CES) expanded my world to an area where I can be so helpful to others and made me realize my potential was much underestimated before."   


Evie Shu is a senior majoring in business with a concentration in finance from China. This fall, Evie serves as a data manager for Capitol Hill Village (CHV). In this position, Evie manages large arrays of data for CHV’s volunteer services, writes instructional manuals on how to store and manage large quantities of data, and creates reports for business executives that she hopes will advance gerontological research. 




Kaiyuan Zhang, BS/BA in Business Analytics and Finance


Kaiyuan Zhang
Kaiyuan is serving with Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)

“Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) has allowed me to understand the management of social media marketing operations and how to grow small businesses on digital platforms.”


Kaiyuan Zhang is a junior double majoring in business analytics and finance from China. This fall, Kaiyuan serves as a social media marketing intern in Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) and works with multiple small businesses partners. In this position, Kaiyuan builds membership reports, develops social media proposals, and formulates strategies to manage AEO’s social media platforms.  





Noah Vieux, BS in Business Administration


"My time with Little Friends for Peace (LFFP) has strengthened my commitment to peace building and my appreciation for the work demanded in a non-profit organization.”    


Noah Vieux is a senior majoring in business administration with a concentration in real estate from France. This fall, Noah serves as a communications and marketing intern at Little Friends for Peace (LFFP). In this position, Noah redacts press releases, designs social media strategies, and develops content to build relationships with organization stakeholders, partners, clients, volunteers, and donors.